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VOL. 1 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2002�(1st Issue)


Dr. Charles Albano
Accessing Your Creativity

Karunesh Kumar Agrawal
Globalisation and Digital Divide

Arthur Edwin Holland Sr.
I am Water


A.E. Sadler

Floriana Hall
The Baby Doll

Kirby Wright
The Drug Club

Annemarie St. John

Anika Naveen


Jan Oskar Hansen
Nikki Olida
Michael Aigen
William James Jenkinson
Susan Martin
Annie Norris Stone
Andrea Antognini
Ronald S. Dondiego
Ian Sawicki
Nicholas Julios
Kathleen Schaefer
Melanie S. Colson
A.Camacho Jr.
Annie Lehberg
Farzana Moon
Roseann Christine Geiger 
David MacLennan
Sharon Esther Lampert
Ruth Zimmerman
Sarah Taylor
Wayne Adams
Raymond G. Cutshaw
Tanya Waller
Joseph A Aprile
Irving Schulman
Gerard C Kool
Kelly Collins
Mike Anderson
William Robbins
Barbara Hardcastle
Daniel De Culla
Leah Horton
Dixie Lynn Mckinney
Leroy Green
Leslie M. Wolf 
Daphne Aldridge
Kathleen Patricia Egan
Edward Leo Canavan
Vinci Vin
Amy Kohler
Charlie Clouse
Potpher C. Mbulo
Anita Wagner
Melanie Crespo
Michael Pollick
H. G. Brown
Sharon W. Flynn
Jason Michael Cook
Casey Whyte
Dan F. Buzzarde
Geertruud Ida Maria Otten
Sheila Faye Sidebottom
Dr. Deborah FerBer 
Maria Cristina Azcona
Russell Stewart
Kostas Hrisos
T. W. Smith
Angela L. Swanger
Christopher R Charlton
Dennis Arthur Dames
Rich Brents
R.A. Ditmanson
Elizabeth A. Bernstein
Joneve McCormick
Ana MacRae Bogdanov
Evan LaGasse
James Parker Haley
Michael R. Brenner
Pat Jourdan
Edward TwarDokus
Doug Thiele
Debra L Tenney
Ron Baron
Michael D. Lawson
Amha Baraka
Giovanni Ghirga MD
Phil LaDouceur
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Jeremy Szuder
Margaret E. D. Aslet
Rod Walford
Herbert L. Burd
Cheryl A. Lavender
Jane LeCroy
Sandra Prouse
Harry Kel
Angelo Villanueva Suarez
Eduardo G. Geronia Jr.
Jeannettea Poetica-J Knight
Trevor Lockwood
Anthony David Robles
Don Barnfather
Pino Coluccio
Christopher Mulrooney
Cassandra Wernecke
Alec Kowalczyk
Linda Vee Huston
Natalie Greenham
Leah M. Kelley- Littlejohn
Freddie Joseph Segraves
Michael Ladanyi
Jill Ellis
Ryan Jesena
Anthony Liccione
Jacqueline Howett
Carlomar Arcangel Daoana
Fred Houpt
Estelle Elliott
Luke Breit
Lucius Furius
Kim Elaine Shea
Sean Nugent
William Fairbrother
Dave Bishop
Mary Peterson
Neil Myers
Fred C. Wilson III 
Donald Ryburn
Floriana Hall
F. William Broome 
Karen Sperry
Patty Lawrence
Jascha Kessler
Grace Cavalieri
Monique Nicole Fox
Philip Vassallo
Shawnte Orion
Frank Anthony
Chad Joseph Thieman
Felix Fojas
John Sweet 
Brian Fleckenstein
Taylor Graham
Dustin Brookshire
Peter Finch 
Agnes M. Cowan
Wendy Taylor Carlisle 
Yonatan Zukowsky
A. D. Winans
Harding Stedler
Lydia Langtree
Doreen Robinson
Lytton Bell
Sharon Johnson
Lauren Diane Ovsevitz
Marie Kazalia
Andrew Atkinson
Maryanne Stahl
Grady "Gil" Pettigrew
Beatrice O'Brien
Shirley Bolstok
Susan Osterman 
Jan Peters
Luis Cabalquinto
Eric Allen Chamberland
Fabiola Sully
Kevin R. Carr & Patricia Cresswell
Marie Yvette Pantilla
Janet Buck 
Kelley White
Lenore Weiss
Timothy C. Straite
Daniel Y. Harris
Fernando M. Rivas
Santosh Kumar
Timothy Diering


The Still Horizon

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