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 Sarah and Mo�se Russo Poetry Award



Tu proverai s� come sa di sale
lo pane altrui, e come � duro calle
lo scendere e ‘l salir per l’altrui scale. 

Thou shalt prove how salt is the taste of another’s bread and how hard is the way up and down another man’s stairs.


VOL. 13 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2014

VOL. 12 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2013

VOL. 12 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2013

VOL. 11 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2012

VOL. 11 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2012

VOL. 10 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2011

VOL. 10 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2011

VOL. 9 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2010 

VOL. 9 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2010 

VOL. 8 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2009 

VOL. 8 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2009 

VOL. 7 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2008 

VOL. 7 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2008 

VOL. 6 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2007 

VOL. 6 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2007 

VOL. 5 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2006 

VOL. 5 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2006 

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Taj Mahal Review

An International Literary Journal 

VOL. 11 NUMBER 2 DEC 2012
(22rd Issue)

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Binding: Paperback (pp: 218 ISSN: 0972-6004 Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher:, India Pub. Date: Dec. 2012 Front & Back Cover of "Taj Mahal Review": TheaterOfCrueltyNOH AZSACRA (Photographer: Igor Pyatinin)


Welcome to Taj Mahal Review December 2012! This latest issue includes a comprehensive selection of most remarkable artwork, poems, haiku, short stories, book reviews by authors across the globe. No doubt, the Taj represents quality and variety. Cyberwit is committed to the promotion of creative writings and artwork world-wide. The objective is to promote Peace and Brotherhood among nations by publishing the very best poems from all over the world. This enables us to gain insight into so many cultures from so many voices.

There is no doubt that Poetry “opens the door which leads to the soul” (Henry Miller). P.B. Shelley in his immortal essay A Defence of Poetry aptly remarks that future generations always appreciate excellent poetry: “In the infancy of the world, neither poets themselves nor their auditors are fully aware of the excellence of poetry: for it acts in a divine and unapprehended manner, beyond and above consciousness; and it is reserved for future generations to contemplate and measure the mighty cause and effect in all the strength and splendor of their union.”

Hearty Congratulations to Chinese author Mo Yan who has been awarded the 2012 Nobel prize for literature. He is the first Chinese writer ever to win the Nobel prize in literature. The Swedish Academy acclaimed his works for merging folk tales with “hallucinatory realism”. Mo Yan aptly remarks: “Some may want to shout on the street, but we should tolerate those who hide in their rooms and use literature to voice their opinions.”

Congratulations to President Barack Obama for wining the second term US Presidential election. The devastation caused by the cyclone Sandy was very acute as this effected millions of people across the US mid-Atlantic. This resulted in death of several inocent persons. I along with Karunesh Kumar Agarwal and Cyberwit staff pray for peace to the bereaved families.

I am deeply obliged to all authors and artists included in this edition for their generous support and kind help. No doubt, without kind cooperation, generosity and subscriptions of these creative artists, the publication of TMR 2012 would not have been possible.


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