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VOLUME 11 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2012 (22nd Issue)

D. R. Prescott
Harmik Vaishnav
Literary Criticism
David Alexander
June Nandy
Andrew McIntyre
Eric Tessier
Floriana Hall
Jonathan Byrd 
Richard Araujo
Steve Mogg
Steve Morris

Abhilash Fraizer
Aditya Kumar Panda
Akansha Kalra
Albert Russo
Alina Vituchnowskaja
Amal Bikash Mukherjee
Anand G Nair
Anindita Deo
Anusree Ganguly
Arielle Ann
Arka Basu
Arnab Neogi
Arpa Mukhopadhyay
Ashwini Kalathil
Belle Ling
Bhadauria Manish Singh
Buddolla Viswanath
Chandan Maheshkar
Chris Glover
D Everett Newell
Deborshi Brahmachari (Goirick)
Dipika Dalakoti Dobriyal
Fran Shaw

Harleen Kaur
Harsha Raghavendhra
Indumathi Arasu
Jayanti M. Dalal
Jean LeBlanc
Jim Davis
John J. Han
J.P. Christiansen
Jyotsna S Kabir
Kath Abela Wilson
Katya Ganeshi
Kunal Sethia
Leandro Atencio
Madhavi Grace
Marina Strukova
Maryse Schouella
Mayank Kashyap
Melissa Forstrom
Michael D. Sollars
Neeru Iyer
Nitish Kothari
P. Santosh Kumar
Palash Sharma
Pallavi Goswami
Parneet Jaggi
Peggy Aylsworth
Piyush Arora
Priyanka Ghosh
Rajeev Singh
Rajeshwari Srinivasan
Rashmi Lath
Rishan Singh
Rizvana Parveen
Ruchi Khare
Rukmani Krishna
Salin Gopinathan
Samantak Bhadra
Sandeep Kumar Kar
Sandeep Kumar Ram

Sanhita Baruah
Santosh Srinivas
Satyam S. Moorty
Sayan Sil
Seema Misra
Shalini Samuel
Sharon Flynn
Sowmya Vidyadhar
Supriya Kaur Dhaliwal
Surbhi Thukral
Suzie Palmer
Taha Kehar
Vaijayanti Banerjee
Vijayeta Tirkey
Vishal Abraham
Yanbeni Yanthan

Alicia Hilton
Bill Cooper
Doc Drumheller
George Swede
Jay Friedenberg
Johannes S. H. Bjerg
John McDonald
Linda L Ashok
Ronny Noor
Sayumi Kamakura
Shirley Bolstok
Steven Carter
Suzie Palmer
Yaseen Anwer

Albert Russo
Emily Sollars
Karunesh Kumar Agrawal
Louie Crew

Cosmic Blues: A Genesis
Indo-Europe Rising and Atoms of Kshatriyas

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