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 Sarah and Mo�se Russo Poetry Award



Tu proverai s� come sa di sale
lo pane altrui, e come � duro calle
lo scendere e ‘l salir per l’altrui scale. 

Thou shalt prove how salt is the taste of another’s bread and how hard is the way up and down another man’s stairs.


VOL. 13 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2014

VOL. 12 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2013

VOL. 12 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2013

VOL. 11 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2012

VOL. 11 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2012

VOL. 10 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2011

VOL. 10 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2011

VOL. 9 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2010 

VOL. 9 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2010 

VOL. 8 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2009 

VOL. 8 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2009 

VOL. 7 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2008 

VOL. 7 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2008 

VOL. 6 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2007 

VOL. 6 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2007 

VOL. 5 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2006 

VOL. 5 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2006 

VOL. 4 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2005 


VOL. 3 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2004 


VOL. 2 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2003 


VOL. 1 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2002















An International Literary Journal 

VOL. 12 NUMBER 1 JUNE 2013
(23rd Issue)

Edited by: Dr. Santosh Kumar Binding: Paperback (pp: 220 ISSN: 0972-6004 Availability: In Stock (Ships within 1 to 2 days) Publisher:, India Pub. Date: June 2013 Front & Back Cover of "Taj Mahal Review": TheaterOfCrueltyNOH AZSACRA (Photographer: Igor Pyatinin)


Welcome to Taj Mahal Review June 2013! This multicultural issue reveals a comprehensive collection of poems, short stories, haiku, book review and artwork by creative artists across the globe reaching a worldwide audience. I trust that these poems will move our heart and soul due to sharpened sensibilities and heightened imaginative feeling. Several poets seem to have liberated poetry from the shackles of classical deception and romantic waywardness.

In this latest issue of Taj I have included many haiku poets. The haiku in this edition, the most popular genre in the cotemporary world, show a new experience of a familiar situation. Haiku experience is intuitive, not intellectual. “There is no subject whatever that is not fit for haiku (Basho)”. We need to write fresh and exciting haiku, moving beyond restricted theme of kigo to interact with modern sensibility.

I along with Karunesh Agarwal and Cyberwit staff offer my deep condolence at the sad death of Albert Russo’s mother. A very admirable and memorable fact is that she had a deep passion for reading poetry. We pray to God to grant peace to the bereaved family.

It was very shocking to know that Oklahoma tornado killed at least 51 people including 20 children. I express my deep condolence at this monster tornado devastation to the families suffering this great loss.
I am full of deep gratitude to all the creative artists whose help and kindness greatly inspired me in this work of editing ad selecting. There is no doubt that I look forward to receiving your cooperation in the future issues of Taj and thank you again.


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