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VOLUME 4 NUMBER 2 DECEMBER 2005 (8th Issue)


Airton Adami (Pitti)  
Christopher English
Janet K. Brennan
Jeroen van Valkenburg
Lynda M Ortiz 
Marcelo de Melo
Minerva Bloom
Patricia Wellingham-Jones
Peter Schwartz
Ray Wilkins
T.D. Ruley
Tatiana Pahlen
Zabrina Carpio-Egan


Adam Powell
Martin M. Jacobsen
Michael Yarsky 
Tony Donovan


Jennifer DiCamillo
Steve Finbow


A. Alan Beck
Alan M. Danzis
Alan Jepsen 
Amie Louise Ruth Aitken
Andrew McIntyre
Andy Henion
Barbara Anton
Bob Sorensen
Boris Tsessarsky
C.S. Watts
Chloe Noland
Comateta M. Clifton 
Dave P. Fisher
David Lee Kirkland
David McLain
Eileen Cruz Coleman
Elad Haber
Elliot Satsky
Eric Tessier
Ernest Alonzo
G. K. Wuori
Geoff Langdon
Ginae B. McDonald
Graeme M Fielden
Grace Joyner
Harrison Q. Blackwood
Inda Schaenen
Jacque Turner
Jane Timm Baxter
Janet K. Brennan
Jennifer Aitken
Jennifer DiCamillo
Jerry Craven
John M. Floyd
John Cuetara
Jonathan Lyons
Julie Failla Earhart
Karen Templin
Kim Moorehouse
Kirstie Anders
Leon Barnes
Louis E. Bourgeois
Michael Hartford
Mike Pilola
Paul Corman-Roberts
Peter Ebsworth
R.G. Larsen 
Rich Hallstrom
Rich Logsdon
Rob Rosen
Russell Heller
Skeeze Whitlow
Stefan Kiesbye
Stephen Shepherd
Steve Mitchell
Sydnee Elliot
Tanya Underwood
Tatiana Pahlen
Tony Nesca
Vera Searles
Whit Honea
X&Al Danzabel


Shelagh McKenna


Adam Donaldson Powell
Alaina Macdonald
Albert Russo
Alexei Ogorodov
Amanda Dexter
Andy Harding
Ben Barton                        
Capt. Davidson
Carol Moldaw 
Charles Ray
Christopher Mulrooney
David Gregory Davies
Del Senkbeil
Delores Fisher
Dennis E Newell
Dinah Berland
Douglas Ryan Boin
Edward Hanson
Eugenia Hepworth Petty
Floriana Hall 
Geert Verbeke
Glenn W. Cooper
Henry Mascia
Isabel Guevara
Janet K. Brennan
J�anpaul Ferro
Jerry Bradley
Jessie Erikson
Joseph Duvernay
L A Hutson
Lisa Zaran 
Louie Levy
Marianne LaValle-Vincent
Mario Susko
Michael Estabrook
Michael Fowler
Michael Lee Fuller
Monica E. Smith
Peter Krok
Peter Schwartz
Richard Krawiec
Robin M. Buehler
Rose Marie Streeter
Santosh Kumar
Shirley Bolstok
Sonya Easterday 
Sparrow Sandoz
Susan M Guerra
Susan Snowden
W. S. Mayo
Yvonne Sparkes 
Zena Johnson



Collected Poems and Stories by Adam Donaldson Powell For his Poetry Reading in Argentina (In Spanish by the author himself and translations mostly by Maria Cristina Azcona ) 

The Crowded World of Solitude, volume 1, the collected stories and essays by Albert Russo (David Alexander)



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